Carnival Toys



Carnival Toys was founded in 1970 by Pietro Minghetti and is leaded today by his son Diego; it’s an Italian significant firm that projects, manufactures and trades carnival costumes, masks, wigs and accessories.

The company was born in 1970 in a small warehouse in Godo, in the Ravenna province, where Minghetti starts producing fancy masks using wooden moulds, hand painting and finished in paint-spraying booth. In the middle of the ‘70s the silkscreen painting starts being applied, many new technologies are introduced and the factory becomes faster in the production. At the same time the range of products becomes bigger and bigger and the manufactory of wigs get started.

The original creations of Mr. Minghetti appear in 1980 in Milan Show and are greatly appreciated by people specialized in this sector: an incredible success that determines the take-off of the company.

Since then, the route of growth and innovation has never stopped infact, in 1992 the factory moves to a new headquarter, always located in Godo, but with laboratories, offices, warehouse and show-rooms even bigger.

Carnival Toys counts today 35 employees, manufactures and sells costumes and accessories in a 10.000 m2 warehouse and is proud to hold a Made in Italy line of products but is also continuously sourcing for new products on all the foreign markets.

The company catalogue contains around 5.000 items with an annual integration of 500 new proposals for our customers: specialized retail shops, super and hypermarkets, and all the shops and wholesalers abroad (the all Europe, Russia, Cyprus, French Dom-Tom and many other countries).

The promotion and marketing are assigned to a global sales net composed by agents and representatives offering our customers any kind of service not exclusively related to Halloween or Carnival period.


Carnival Toys is a landmark for the party business and offers to our visitors 2 big show rooms and the opportunity to meet the creative staff of the company.

The company also offers the selling of its products through a BtoB web site and can guarantee a full logistic service for the management and the delivery of the orders, fast and accurate as usual.