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A wide catalogue constantly based on quality

Since 1993 the Borella company, sole toy distributor in the Italian market, has been following a tradition of selecting quality brands, covering several product categories.

We can boast exceptionally long-standing relationships with some of the companies we represent in Italy: 25 years with Bullyland, 23 with Haba, more than 20 with Götz, over 10 with Lilliputiens, Sigikid and Vilac

Claudio Borella, owner, recalls.

However, we are always looking for products that may mean something in the market. We do not like to propose commonplace items and today the issue of environmental sustainability has emerged as a further search rule. According to us, sustainability involves the development of the distribution channels too.
We strongly believe in the specialist retailers who are able to communicate the values of the products we offer, although our trade policies differ according to the quality contents of the product lines. Social media communication addressing the consumers is part of our marketing activities.

Newly acquired brands have been added to the wide catalogue:

Recently we closed an important distribution deal with NICI, a well-established plush and accessories company, whose lines are strictly devoted to highly qualified retailers. At Toys Milano we will introduce some more brands we have included this year: Yvolution, Magna Tiles and 4D Puzzle with the fantastic Harry Potter and Star Wars licenses

Borella announces.


Borella – l’Orsomago:

Borella s.r.l. – l’Orsomago is a reality of people who live and have always lived with toys.

Borella s.r.l has been operating as an exclusive distributor on the Italian toy market since 1997, although the name Borella has been linked to the world of toys since the 1970s. Today it continues its traditional selection of quality products and brands, ranging across different product sectors.

The company has always been characterised by the offer of quality brands and products, generally intended for specialised retailers.

Among the main brands distributed are:

  • HABA
  • HAMA
Company contacts:

ph: +39 0373 976384