Cam - il mondo del bambino


Looking at the world through the eyes of children

CAM – Il Mondo Del Bambino (The Child’s World) was established in 1969 and named Costruzioni Articoli Metallici (Builders of Metal Articles, hence the CAM acronym). At the beginning it mainly dealt with the manufacturing of metal parts of nursery products but in the Seventies and Eighties the activity extended to the development of nursery items such as playpens, highchairs, baby walkers, baby baths, travel cots, bouncers, and since 1985 to prams, pushchairs and car seats. One of the company’s main values is the “made in Italy” tag which implies controlled quality, safety, design and innovation. Safety is guaranteed by lab tests inside the company and by the cooperation with the most reliable European certification bodies. Developed and manufactured almost entirely in Italy, CAM products are distributed in over 70 countries worldwide.

Our mission is ‘looking at the world through the eyes of children’ in order to understand what they really need

says Franco Rho, President.

For us, this means maintaining in the company a mental approach aiming at discovery, at the search for change, at hunger for knowledge, at a child’s wonder as he/she watches every day reality. Our range is very large and basically divided into two product lines. One, as from the CAM general catalogue, is made up of five product categories, every one of them consisting of different proposals relevant to price and style. This way, consumers will surely find a product matching their lifestyle and requirements. This collection is widely distributed and easily available in the various baby specialist channels. The other one, i.e. the Solo Per Te (Only For You) – Deluxe Collection, is our top range including all the latest product introductions. This collection’s articles are modern, safe, stylish and designed taking into consideration not only the child’s wellbeing but also the new generations’ attitude and circular economy. This range is available in the stores of the authorized retailers who are able to explain all the various and unique features, the functions and the benefits of every single product.

The world economy is experiencing one of its most difficult periods, mainly due to the impoverishment of the families’ purchasing power, the resulting decrease of births and the remarkable increase of the raw materials’ costs, not to mention Covid and the war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine,

Rho observes.

For the first time in the company’s 53 years history we are not really optimistic and sure that it will soon get better. Our sentiment is it will take more time before we recover a market equilibrium that, for obvious reasons, will never be like it used to. Furthermore, in such a difficult moment, efforts and investments required in order to protect ourselves and be competitive on the market are huge, often without certainties to be repaid.


Born as the result of the enterprising initiative and talent of the Rho brothers Franco and Mario, Cam is a family-run business well known all over the world.

Set up in 1969 under the name of Constructions of Articles in Metal (hence the acronym CAM),  the company was concerned mainly with the production of metal parts for nursery products like metal travel cots and rocking bases, depending on demand. During the 70’s and the 80’s the production was geared towards baby care products such as playpens, highchairs, changing units, baby walkers, travel cots, rocking cradles, baby carriers, while from 1985 they introduced in the range some products mainly used outdoors like pushchairs and car seats, more visible to the final consumer and the company started to grow and to be known in the market.

One of the main corporate values ​​is the Made in Italy because it’s synonymous with controlled quality, safety, design and innovation. Safety is guaranteed also by in-house tests and partnership with the most recognized  EU labs.

Our mission is “to look at the world through the eyes of a child” to understand exactly what children need. For Cam this means a mental approach based on discovery, innovation, know-how and the wonder with which a child looks at reality every day.

Company contacts

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