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Four companies get together to achieve growth

Hit is a pool formed by Italian companies which was established in 2021 not only by the willingness to change the cultural bias whereby other players in the business are seen as mere competitors but also by the passion of four enterprises which have got together in order to cooperate and support their Italian spirit.
They are historic companies that in their business segments have experienced the changes in the toy industry, especially as concerns the delocalization process, managing to defend the “made in Italy” feature to a great extent:

  • Multiprint s.r.l manufactures 100% of its products in the national territory still.
  • Bontempi (a brand of I com s.p.a.) still manufactures part of its products locally and boasts exceptional design, wholly developed inside the company.
  • Ciao s.r.l., notwithstanding Far East production, avails itself of the special Italian talent in fashion to create exclusive costumes.
  • MC Group, thanks to its design, is a standard-bearer of Italian style within its back-to-school range.

Our concept is ‘unity is strength’; most of all, in the complex historical moment we are living, we definitely believe cooperating may be a very good way to grow and get better,

says Shirli Nathan, President of the Hit pool.

Our brand aims at helping the end consumer recognize the Italian products and select them on the shelves; furthermore, we offer our associated companies consulting, suggestions, support for being successful abroad, deals with more favourable suppliers and shared graphics. Last but not least, our Italian generosity proudly requires us to assign part of the proceeds to charity in order to assist those in need. This year we will aid the Lega del Filo d’Oro, an association which takes care of deaf and blind persons.

Hit will make its debut at Toys Milano:

It will be an important occasion to introduce ourselves to our customers and partners and to show that it is possible to knock down prejudices and cooperate,

Nathan adds.

We will unveil some new products but most of all we hope to find understanding and appreciation for the passion and heart we put in this project.



Consorzio Hit:

HIT is a consortium of Italian companies that have come together with the aim of making the Italian character of their products known to the end consumer.
The ambitious project that HIT proposes is to make the products on the shelves recognise which ones have been studied and designed by Italian companies. To do this, the member companies have broken down the barriers of competition and rivalry by uniting in a team that exchanges information, opinions and ideas in order to maximise their strength and penetration in the Italian and foreign markets.
An absolutely essential part of the HIT project is also the help for the less fortunate, which the consortium aims to offer by supporting the Lega del Filo d’oro, to which a fixed contribution and part of the proceeds from the sales of branded products are donated.
Last but not least is the coordinated look that the consortium companies have offered to give part of their range. This idea maximises on-shelf visibility.
HIT is a dynamic and revolutionary consortium with great potential.

Company information:

Name: Shirli Nathan
mob: +39 329 760 4763