Diamond Dotz



The Dotz® Box Collection has been expanded with new subjects (click to open)

Designed to develop the manual dexterity of children from 4 years of age.
Easy and rewarding to make, the product is ready to hang in the child’s room.

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The quality and safety of Diamond Dotz® products in a more economical collection.
Subjects for every age and taste.

Diamond Dotz

Palgu srls is the exclusive italian distributor of Diamond Dotz®.

Diamond Dotz® is a new, incredible creative art, unique and singular of its kind with which it is possible to create fantastic works to personalize the home, the work environment, make a special gift or simply spend time relaxing, alone or in company.

Diamond Dotz® could be defined as an activity between “cross stitch” and “mosaic”.

The area where the Dotz® are to be applied is similar to a cross-stitch pattern on which there is a special glue.

The printout is divided into small boxes which correspond to a symbol and the colored Dotz® corresponding to the reference symbol needs to be applied on it. To apply the Dotz®, a special pen and a wax are used. The end result is a fantastic artistic masterpiece covered in sparkling and brilliant Dotz®.

This new creative hobby is simple and affordable for everyone.

Contatti aziendali:

Orazio Paladino – Sales Manager
e-mail: orazio@diamonddotz.it
mob.: +39 335 532 7695


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