Fulgosi srl is a sales agency in the toy sector. Over the years it has collaborated with important international companies and today it sells the Bruder, FischerTiP, FischerTechnik and Günther brands exclusively in Italy. All the products on offer are certified and comply with European and international safety standards.

BRUDER vehicles are leaders among plastic toy models, scale 1:16. BRUDER Spielwaren’s great strength is innovation in the development and production of vehicles whose functionality is well known throughout the world. Everything – from the initial idea to production and marketing – is done in Fürth, Germany.

Fischer TiP stimulates imagination and creativity. Creating with FischerTip promotes motor functions and three-dimensional imagination, and the bright colours and extreme plasticity do the rest.

With the FischerTip game, children take their first steps into the world of technology, studying and learning new things.

For more than 65 years, Günther has been developing and producing “ANYTHING THAT FLIES” in Germany: children’s kites, classic, licensed and sports kites, easy-to-use model aircraft, gliders and much more! To play on the water, it offers sailboats with the characteristic red hull…. Günther toys belong to the whole family. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. The excitement is timeless.

Company information:

Contacts: Marco Fulgosi, Anna Altamura
e-mail: sales@fulgosi.it
ph.: 02 45491001