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A range extending from nursery products to sport articles

With a 25 years background, I. GO Distribution definitely is a historic company in the Italian nursery products market. Only acting as a distributor, during the pandemic it has honed its skills in offering service, on one hand by looking for the best suppliers in the relevant product categories and on the other granting retailers the best possible assistance.

We have structured ourselves further in order to be able to fully satisfy any customer, from the mass market to chains, from independent dealers to e-commerce sites; we give the consumers very fast post-sales assistance through our online portal which also is a source of accurate information about the products,

explains Isabella Gomez d’Arza, managing director.

Important new lines I. GO Baby is now distributing in italy are those by Tommee Tippee, a well-established nursery brand:

Thanks to it we fill in a gap in our range, the feeding and hygiene segment which we had not dealt with previously as we could not find a partner among the category leaders; moreover, it allows us to reach a larger number of stores, including pharmacies and sanitary shops,

Gomez d’Arza says.

We cannot state our assortment covers everything, but from wheeled articles (Greentom) to car seats (Doona), from the children’s room (with Doomoo’s multi-use pillows and Leander’s cots) to outdoors (with BabyBjörn’s baby carriers, LittleLife’s toddler backpacks, Laken’s bottles), and many more products and accessories, the offer is extremely wide. Greentom’s proposals are precious as concerns communication and sustainability. We have been working with Doomoo since 2000 and every year the brand grows due to highly reliable articles (we never had a return). Label Label this year renewed itself by the launch of a wooden toys line which addresses the nursery products market specifically. Laken has introduced the first bottle ever made in recycled aluminium. For all products and their parts we have always privileged quality, traceability and added value, and our suppliers are at present pushing ahead in terms of sustainability.

Since 2017 I. GO Distribution runs a dedicated division and sales force in the sport articles business as well (I.GO Sport), distributing the relevant production of companies already in its baby portfolio, such as Laken e LittleLife. This year, the company’s logo has been updated in order to precisely identify the name of the firm and its three divisions: Baby, Sport and Shopping (e-commerce site).

At the end of our conversation Gomez d’Arza announces a really innovative new entry:

Minimeis is a foldable shoulder carrier which assists the parent as it allows hands-free walking, distributes the weight on the back and shoulders and assures the child’s comfort and safety through its seat with safety belt, high back and foothold.

I.Go Distribution:

We import from all over the world the best, most innovative products that allow you to move freely and safely, with or without children. Our products change and evolve over time, changing their function and following your needs, unique products to live the family to the full.
Our core business is early childhood, but we have always had an eye for, and an innate passion for, the outdoor world as well.
Witness to this philosophy is the product with which our story began. It was 1998 and we were the first to import the innovative 3-wheel jogging pram into Italy, a product that was unknown until then.
Time has proved us right, we have grown year after year, and in 2015 this has resulted in the birth of a new I.GO Sport division entirely dedicated to the sporting world.
We have our own warehouse where we stock our products, a network of agents covering the territory and a back office capable of responding to all customer needs. We currently distribute the following early childhood brands

Company contacts:

Name: Roberta Galvan
e-mail: staff@igodistribution.it
ph.: +39 0461.233200