Il Pianeta delle Idee


Il pianeta delle idee:

Il Pianeta delle Idee” is a laboratory specialized in the production of wooden toys.
The balance that we found within our business has allowed us to create an “ecology” that combines the creative act, the materials used and the market demand, giving us back simple, accessible and elegant design products for children.

Our company was born in Umbria, Italy in 1993, all the raw materials we use are certified. We mainly process poplar, a wood very common in Italy, coming from cyclically replanted tree crops, respecting our ecosystem. The other woods we frequently use are fir, oak, beech and linden. From 2022 we are member of FSC, Forest Stewardship Council.

We produce only with solar energy, emitting 0 co2 into the atmosphere and we use water-based and non-toxic paints.

From the idea to the production, we take care of the study, the planning and the realization of all our products. We observe nature and the world with the naive and curious gaze of children and with the awareness of those who want to play an active role in protecting the environment.

With our products we hope to give our children the opportunity to build places of serenity and joy, delivering games in their hands that open spaces to imagination and creativity.

Company contacts:

Social & Account Manager: Alessandro Pacini
Tel.: +39 320 431 7327

Adminisrator: Stefano Santarelli
Tel.: +39 335 562 0115