Precision, quickness and enthusiasm in certifying

With a network of 1,000 laboratories in over 100 countries, Intertek boasts a more than 130 years long experience in the field of safety and certification and proves to be a global partner that is able to assist its clients thanks to innovative Total Quality Assurance services.

In Italy, Intertek’s headquarters are situated at Cernusco sul Naviglio near Milan but more offices can be found over the whole national territory, including the Lastra a Signa (Florence) lab, a reference centre for consumer products tests, with toys in the forefront due to market relevance, consumers’ attention and available technical capabilities.

As to toys, Intertek is indeed a one-stop-shop for compliance checks through dedicated services of Assurance, Testing, Inspections and Certifications. Thanks to their long-term background and huge technical know-how, the Lastra a Signa lab professionals are able to identify the best strategies in order to minimize and manage risks all along the supply chain. Furthermore, the global network of labs allows them to support the companies as regards their presence in any destination market in the world.

Precision, pace and enthusiasm are the words at the core of Intertek’s activities: they characterize the company

says Dario Bianchi, Business Development Manager Toys & Hardlines (Italy).

They refer to the precision that the toy lab professionals apply in their job, the quickness in complying with requests and their involvement in the mission of making the world a safer place. Through its 360° services for safety and quality in protection of people, sites and assets, Intertek takes its clients along a sometimes winding course to the compliance with the 2009/48/CE Directive on toy safety and product sustainability.

The latest data the European Commission has released about the EU Safety Gate system show that in 2021, although with a lower notification share (about 20%), toys still are among the riskiest products, just behind motor vehicles:

The sheer number of notifications and the vulnerability of the consumers the products are addressed to – children – highlight the importance and the delicacy of the procedures verifying toy compliance,

notes Bianchi.

Every country has its own technical standards concerning the toys’ compliance requirements and checking methods. Therefore, compliance with the European regulation does not automatically imply compliance with the current standards in markets such as USA and Canada, Australia, China, Russia and Persian Gulf countries (GCC).


Intertek is the one-stop-shop for toys compliance needs, in any destination market, through Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification services.
Our specialists’ technical expertise and our global network of laboratories allow us to support companies need providing Total Quality Assurance solutions, identifying the best strategies for risk mitigation and managing the supply chain.

2009/48/CE Directive on Toys Safety, the United Kingdom Conformity Assessment program – UKCA (for which Intertek is Approved Body), Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act – CPSIA (US and Canada), GB standards (China) and GTTR Regulation (Gulf countries) are just some of the legislations into force around the globe which toys manufacturers must check their products compliance before commercialization.

Intertek supports businesses protecting their brand through comprehensive solutions to place compliant products on the market:

  • Compliance testing to standards EN, ISO, ASTM, SOR, GB, GSO, AS/NZS, IS, TCVN, etc.
    • Physical-mechanical testing
    • Chemical testing
    • Flammability testing
    • Electrical safety testing
  • 2009/48/CE Directive compliance testing
  • UKCA compliance testing
  • CPSIA/CCPSA compliance testing
  • US and Canada tracking labels compliance evaluation
  • Premiums and gadgets testing
  • Compliance check to destination market requirements (i.e. GCC Gulf Countries, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Japan, Brazil, etc.)
  • Risk assessment
  • Labelling check
  • Pre-production, intra-production and in-store inspections
  • Suppliers auditing in more than 100 countries

+ Directive 2009/48/CE for toys safety

In the European Union, Directive 2009/48/CE is the reference regulation about toys safety. Harmonized safety standards and minimum vigilance specifications ensure compliance to the Directive and the correct operativity of the toys market; the main representatives of such standards and specifications are the EN 71 and the EN 62115 standards series. They indicate the test requirements toys need to undergo to check compliance to the Directive and apply the CE mark. Intertek provides testing services to assess physical-mechanical, chemical and electrical and flammability compliance in accordance to EN 71 and EN 62115 standards series.

+ Chemical testing
Determination of harmful, dangerous or forbidden substances is a common trait to regulations all around the world. Intertek provide testing services to check the absence of such substances and respecting the most updated limits. In Europe, outside the Toys Directive, the REACH Regulation limits the use of certain substances through its Annex XVII, as phthalates. REACH Regulation requires your suppliers to inform you on the eventual presence of Substance of Very High Concern – SVHC in their supplies as you, in turn, are required to notify your customers/distributors. Our laboratories provide the required chemical analysis to demonstrate your product compliance.

+ Solutions for the compliance to international markets requirements

Every country has its own technical regulations establishing toys compliance requirements and relative testing; this means that compliance to the European Union regulations does not necessarily imply compliance to regulations of other markets. In China, as an example, it is necessary to check safety, labelling, physical-chemical, flammability and chemical elements migration compliance to GB 6675-2014 standard within the context of CCC (China Compulsory Certificate). In Hong Kong Toy’s and Children Products Safety Ordinance (Chap. 424) is applied and in Gulf Countries (GCC), Saudi Arabia, Russia, Japan, Brazil etc. further regulations are adopted: Intertek is available to check your toys compliance, in any market you are willing to operate.

Company contacts:

Name: Dario Bianchi
Ph: +39 338 657 0065

Address: Via di Stagno 17/F, 50055 Lastra a Signa (FI)