La Pingvin


La Pingvin: 

Pingvin was founded in 2016 as a distributor of baby products, focusing its offer on Northern European brands. We like brands that are beautiful, environmentally conscious and with a greater sensitivity to organic cotton and sustainable materials.

The brands we distribute are:

  • BabyLivia (Norway) with silicone bibs and feeding accessories
  • Little Dutch (Holland) with wooden and rubber toys and a textile collection of baby clothes and bedroom sets.
  • Fresk (The Netherlands) with baby clothes and accessories such as bags, beach and rain gear
  • Hust&Claire (Denmark) 0-16 years clothing in organic cotton
  • Pigeon Organics (England) clothing 0-8 years in organic cotton
  • Blade&Rose (England) colourful leggings and accessories for nursery and kindergarten
  • Little Indians (Netherlands) cool clothing and hair accessories
  • La Fillette (Germany) hair accessories
  • Betty’s Home (Poland) designer furniture and accessories for the bedroom
  • Hoppediz (Germany) Headbands and baby carriers

In our showroom you can see all our brands, because in order to choose you have to see, touch, combine and experiment. We have a magnificent space in Milan made especially for this. A space that is constantly changing because it welcomes all the new products and changes according to the customer we are expecting.

These are our strong points:

  1. Large warehouse for immediate delivery: We have chosen to manage the warehouse directly in order to respond as quickly as possible to our customers’ requests.
  2. Network of representatives for a direct relationship: We believe that the relationship is the basis for better customer service. This is why we have agents throughout most of Italy.
  3. Sales office always available: The Milan office is available round the clock from 8.00 to 17.30 by phone or email for any request.
Company Contacts:

Commercial contact: Raffaella Doni
tel: +39 0245484338

Administrative contact: Viviana Giudici
tel: +39 0245484338