Marina & Pau


Marina & Pau:

Toys are made to play, entertain and learn and with these principles we work in Marina & Pau, looking for the essence, the true ORIGIN. That is why our symbol is the Dandelion.

The flower whose seeds we have all blown and seen flying.

That where fairies and elves reside.

A flower that represents happiness and harmony, innocence and nostalgia.

The one that reminds us what we want and where we want to go.

Dandelion reflects a before and after.

A future bet linked to the doll industry in ONIL (Spain).

The will to honor those enterprising people who, at the end of the 19th century, with the mud of our land, were the seed of this industry of which we are proud of their heritage.

And it is also change, innovation, knowing how to evolve over time. Products made with all our love.

Marina & Pau is QUALITY, it is TRADITION, it is INNOVATION.

Company contacts:

Name: Sonia

Name: Jose

Tel.: +34 965565351

C/ Llebeig, 13
C/ Santa Ana, 7
03430 ONIL (Alicante) – ESPAÑA