Mazzeo Giocattoli


Mazzeo Giocattoli:

The Mazzeo company was established in the 1980s by its founder, Mr Raffaele, initially as a sole proprietorship; from the beginning of the activity, the main interest was in the ”toy” sector.

Over the years, thanks to the professionalism and skills acquired, the company has grown, specialising in the production of toys under its own brand name “Mazzeo Giocattoli”, appreciated for its quality/price mix.

Mazzeo Giocattoli today is an important, lively and dynamic reality, synonymous with quality and safety of toys, professionalism and entrepreneurial strategy, far-sightedness and stability; a success story that continues to make children of all ages live, play and dream.

Aware of its fundamental role, particularly in the growth of children, the company invests heavily in the safety of its products and in research and marketing activities in order to be able to interpret the needs of the “Consumer” in advance. Mazzeo Giocattoli’s products are regularly certified by institutes of high standing.

We want our brand to represent a playful universe for families, a point of reference for everything that concerns the world of children, without neglecting the safety and quality of our products. We want families to know that they will always find the right mix of quality and price when they buy our products.