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Nice Group:

Nice is an Italian company based in Modena.

Since 1995 he has dedicated himself to the production of toys. Initially, the COMPANY CORE BUSINESS is represented by product lines with a cosmetic component for girls, based on fashion ideas, beauty trends, the latter more aimed at a pre-teen age group. An example are the sets dedicated to make-up design activities, make-up books, up to the cosmetic bags designed for the little ones.

Over time, the company acquired important licenses in the entertainment sector, particularly attractive for the reference market, thus managing to expand distribution to international markets in 2010.

New references are also developed that broaden the reference target (both by age and by gender) by moving it towards more creative art & craft and construction activities, always maintaining the cosmetic line and adapting it to new and stricter regulations and introducing the new formulas first. PARABEN FREE on the market.

All NICE products respect and emphasize the creativity and imagination typical of the toy world, combining them with the fascinating trends of the fashion world that intrigues little girls.

As for the masculine, the products stimulate creative activity, through manipulation and color and scientific experiments declined in a playful and fun way.

Our brands

Nice owns several brands.

CREATIVEÒ is the general line, on which the continuous trade focuses and includes heterogeneous products (make-up, DIY, art & craft, manipulation, scientific etc …)

Other important brands are ELASTICOLORÒ (great market success in 2014) and currently GIRABRILLAÒ, with which a licensing out activity has also been undertaken.

The company is constantly committed to improving its standards qualitative: all products comply with the most recent European regulations regarding the safety of the toy.

On the national territory, NICE distributes its products through a network of agents, addressing both traditional trade and large-scale distribution.

Internationally NICE products are distributed WORLDWIDE, thanks also to prestigious commercial partnerships.

In the corporate headquarters, the work focuses on creativity, research and development, graphics, marketing / communication and administration.

For speed and flexibility needs, quality, certifications, licensing are entrusted to external partners and / or consultants.

Company contacts:

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Ph.: +39 059 330985


Via Emilio Salgari 10, 41123 Modena

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