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Officine FA 2022 catalogue

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Officine FA:

Officine FA was founded in 2012 by Cesare Ferrarotti, owner and director, after a strong experience as Sales Agent for Education Toys and Design Gifts: as consequence of his professional growth, he started representing -within the whole Italian territory- some of the most remarkable brands, standing out in their quality of material and originality.

After the first years as an Agency, in 2015 Officine FA turned into Distributor for some very high level brands and currently we are exclusive sellers for the following brands:

Apli Kids, Tender Leaf, ThreadBear Design, IBTT, Happy Horse, Bakoba, Moluk, Superpetit, Escabbo, Koobo, Brainstorm, PlaySteam, PlayShifu, Recent Toys, Monumi, Amscam.

Officine FA’s intent is to represent few brands, carefully selected, to enhance their potentialities in terms of creativity, design innovation and environmental sustainability!

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