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For the Toy range,

the collaboration continues with prestigious Italian and international partners such as Ducati, Polaris, John Deere… The range of made in Italy toys with rechargeable batteries has been extended and improved with features that increase the pleasure of playing.

Among the novelties we point out John Deere Mini Tractor which just presented, won the Toys Award 2022 in the ride-on category of Tutto Giocattoli. John Deere Mini Tractor is the mini tractor with rechargeable battery dedicated to younger children (from 1 year).
The smart packaging can be shown in the points of sale easily and in an attractive way.

Great news also for Early Juvenile products, always in the name of made in Italy:

  • the innovative Vivace modular system, the perfect solution for exploring the city;
  • the Gran Pagoda bassinet, a spacious carrycot with the Belvedere view and a super extendable canopy;
  • the Primo Viaggio SLK i-size infant car seat, safety and comfort;
  • the choice of using eco-sustainable fabrics for some modular collections. The Seaqual Yarn fabric from the 500 collection, for example, is made with high quality polyester fibers obtained from marine plastic debris.
Peg Perego

The history of Peg Perego is one of an Italian company that for 70 years and three generations has stood out for its passion, creativity and continuous technological innovation. It was founded in 1949 in Arcore, after its founder Giuseppe Perego left the steelworks where he worked as an industrial technician.
It was with the birth of his first children (6 in total) that he decided to create transport systems that were both comfortable for children and functional for mothers.

The Italian company Peg Perego was born from the passion and technical intuition of Giuseppe Perego, that is, from the choice of innovative and high quality materials, combined with premium tailoring fabrics. As early as 1949 Giuseppe Perego created the pushchair that became a stroller and the stair climbing stroller in 1956, presented at the Fiera di Milano in 1962. Then there was the Bye umbrella-fold pushchair in 1975 and many other technological innovations.

Lucio Perego, Giuseppe’s CEO of the company, recalls his father’s courage and pride in transmitting Italian creativity abroad to a yet unknown market.
Peg Perego is now established in 90 countries over the world and continues to create and produce Italian products for early childhood and toys.

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