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Founded in 1962 by Rocco D’Alessandris and at present run by Marco and Dino D’Alessandris, Rocco Giocattoli is a well-established toy distributor in Italy. For more than 30 years its core business consisted in selling wholesale until in 1993 the company adopted a diversification plan and added retailing which today amounts to about 45% of turnover, with 11 stores of its own in Rome and the Lazio region and more than 200 shop-in-shops inside Coin, Upim and OVS stores all over Italy. Rocco Giocattoli is made up of four business units: distribution, retail, shop-in-shops and e-commerce.

At Toys Milano we will exhibit new products by the most outstanding brands, which are exclusive of our firm,

says Marco D’Alessandris, managing director.

Among them, action games and children’s board games of the Giocorò line, the Exost RC vehicles which are unique in terms of innovation and design, the YCOO robots and the new collection of Winx fashion dolls that we are the master toy distributor of. Another remarkable brand is YAS!Games, the line of board games addressing the 12+ years age range, whose main feature is entertainment with irony, tackling rather intimate and delicate subjects too but always lightly; it covers a new market segment which is constantly growing, kidults. In fact, kids and adults increasingly wish to spend carefree and convivial time sitting at a table, at home or at the pub, having fun with board games.

Rocco Giocattoli is achieving good sales results, D’Alessandris reports:

Notwithstanding the problems connected with the Covid crisis, the Italian toy market in 2021 grew by 9 per cent on the previous year and the first months of 2022 show steadiness as confronted with last year’s same period. Rocco Giocattoli registered a 10.2 per cent increase in the first quarter of this year against the same period of 2021 (NPD YTD January-March 2022), thanks to the new YAS!Games line and to the constant growth of our classic, traditional lines.

Rocco Giocattoli:

Founded in 1962 by Rocco D’Alessandris and currently administered by Marco and Dino D’Alessandris, Rocco Giocattoli is a historical reality in toy distribution in Italy whose core business, for more than 30 years, was wholesale.

In 1993, the company began a diversification programme, dedicating itself also to retail, which today accounts for around 45% of its turnover, with 11 company-owned shops located in Rome and Lazio and more than 200 customised corners inside the shops of the Coin, Upim and OVS groups throughout Italy.

Today Rocco Giocattoli is structured into four business units: DISTRIBUTION, RETAIL, SHOP IN SHOP and E-COMMERCE. Rocco Giocattoli is constantly searching for innovative products that stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination, paying particular attention to their safety. Safety and high product quality have always been the two founding pillars of Rocco Giocattoli. The attention given to market trends allows Rocco Giocattoli to work constantly to gain important market shares and acquire licences at national level.

Rocco Giocattoli is committed to forging partnerships with international companies for the exclusive distribution of numerous product lines, increasingly establishing itself as a leading player in the Italian market.

Company information:

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