#SBABAM is a brand dedicated to the conception, design and marketing on newsstands and in the large-scale distribution of accessories, games and items in general for children for the impulse purchase of children.

Launched on the market in 2014, in a few years it became an established reality throughout Europe as a designer and manufacturer of toys, in Italy it established itself among the leaders in the sector of publishing products and in the first places for advertising investment;

The group is made up of a team of creative and dynamic professionals ready at any time to develop ideas and transform them into innovative and original ideas.

With the same approach we have also embraced the world of Licensing.


Playing for Change

AMAZING: Sbabam transforms the unlimited creativity of his team into toys that are always new and ready to amaze those who play with them;

FUN: Our global experience, sensitivity towards children and attention to safety, help Sbabam to create safe and fun toys for everyone.

ADDICTIVE: Sbabam produces not only toys but whole worlds in which children are free to explore, learn, play and have unique experiences by immersing themselves first of all, with their imagination.

Every daily situation can change and become a unique, playful and fun experience: just turn every occasion into your magical moment to create your stories and express your style. Take the brush and start changing reality: all you need is imagination, smiles and company!

#sbabam is a dream, three words, a simple question: do we play to change?


Transmitting the pleasure of being together and imagining, the desire to have fun and smile in good company, the possibility of growing and improving for oneself and for others.

the intent to amaze, entertain and involve children and their families in a unique experience.

Establishing itself in Italy and in Europe not only in the newsstand markets, but in all distribution channels such as department stores, stationery shops and toy shops.

All this may seem ambitious, but we are used to making the dreams of our little customers come true and for this we work to make our dream come true.


SBABAM was born only a few years ago, but thanks to its constant growth, today it already produces several products that every year spread throughout the country and beyond:

Spain, Germany, France and Russia are only 4 of the countries where we are present.

Despite such an increase, Sbabam is a brand that is always looking for new ideas, new partners and new collaborations to try to leave no stone unturned for our little readers.

Therefore, partnerships with major publishers, broadcasters, producers or license managers around the world have already been signed or are about to be closed.


Cicaboom srl since 2016 has established itself in the Entertainment market as a publisher of “fantasy” products aimed at the world of collectibles, ornamental small parts and “trends” for the very young, through a coherent creative profile resulting from the right mix of passion, experience and intuition. The company develops its know-how in Italy and makes use of the expertise of Italian and Asian suppliers for the production in relation to the product category to be marketed. The identification of Asian suppliers takes place through a rigorous selection process managed directly by our two Italian offices on site. The final products of Cicaboom srl are absolutely guaranteed, and equipped with Ce marking.

We use creative talent through a telescopic observation of the vast universe of Entertainment; in the global network of cartoons, mythical cartoon characters and stories of retro or post-modern heroes, for us nothing is attempted or trivial to always identify new brands and therefore study crucial lines and trendy concepts for each of them.

The tricks and nuances of the various “characters” offer a reinterpretation in a collectible key and an open turn towards animation and “3D”

Destined to excite and become small icons of youth fashion, CICABOOM srl products are the soul of a company that has the ambitious and stimulating goal of thrilling the public with an ever-current tool with an aesthetic that makes it captivating often beyond the typicality of its kind.

Company information:

Name: Riccardo Cosenza – Sales Manager
ph.: +39 328 9344629