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Souza for Kids:

Souza!® was established in 1998 by Angeliek Clercx-de Jager. The brand was born from a passion for imagination.

Angeliek’s dream was to stimulate children’s imagination and develop their creativity with costumes. She started out small with a nurse’s costume for the play corner at school, followed by several variations of this outfit, which did not go unnoticed!

Creative costumes

Other parents wanted to know if they could order these costumes for their children to play with at home. Soon the demand was more than Angeliek could handle on her own, so she started working with a seamstress. However, her clientele kept growing and Angeliek decided to think big: she started looking for factories and opened her own company. That’s when Souza!® took off!

Unique party outfits

Over the course of twenty years, Souza! developed into the brand for children’s costumes. Imagination remains the connecting thread in all the collections. Over the years, more and more items have been added to the collection; not just costumes, but also unique accessories, such as slippers and pins, high-heel shoes and halos. By now, Souza! also designs and manufactures unique party outfits for special occasions.

Since its establishment, Souza! has become synonymous for beautiful, unique and high-quality products. The Souza! collections have become an intrinsic part of the European market for children’s costumes and clothes.

The Souza team works with immense creativity and expertise on designing and developing the collections. Souza items are sold in stores and web shops in more than 40 countries, reaching countless boys and girls who enjoy hours of fun with its products.