The Tippy line for the child’s safety

B810 Group, founded in 2011, offers advanced electronic solutions in the markets of connectivity and of innovative technologies to be employed in daily life. The Group’s aim is helping companies effectively enter the Internet of Things (IoT), acting as a technological partner that can propose End To End solutions. Thanks to the multiple aspects of its competence and knowledge, Gruppo B810 is able to assist its customers through a dedicated and structured itinerary leading to their digital transformation: from the hardware and software design and development to the creation and management of data collection platforms.

In Italy, in 2017 we launched Tippy Pad, the first wireless anti-abandon device which soon became the reference product in the market,

recalls Marco AzzaloniMobility BU Manager di B810.

In fact, Tippy is the best-known and best-selling ‘mum-recommended’ device worldwide, an innovative Bluetooth pillow that, positioned on the child’s car seat, allows to monitor his/her presence, avoiding the risk of leaving him/her inside the car unattended.

In 2021 Tippy Rail followed: it was the first product intended for the safety of babies inside the home, a handy bumper which, put on the cot’s side rail, is designed to alerts the parent if the child tries to climb it over:

This article introduces precious assistance in the family’s daily life, preventing the risk of a fall by alert through local alarm, optionally extensible to a smartphone notification,

Azzaloni says.

Tippy by B810 Group:

TIPPY: care for kids

Tippy, the Digicom brand with a strong focus on child safety, has achieved success and notoriety thanks to the launch of the first wireless anti abandonment device. Tippy Pad came into the market in 2017, before the law on anti abandonment systems became effective, establishing Digicom, and the Tippy Brand, as one of the most innovative and pioneering companies in the early childhood scene.

Reliability, quality and usability have made Tippy Pad the best-selling product in Italy, so it has been awarded the ” Mums Advised” label.

DIGICOM, the company behind the Tippy brand

Digicom is part of B810 Group, a dynamic company whose strengths are innovation, quality of products and services and fast reaction times. The mission is to be a leader in the IoT field, in Italy and Europe, with high performance end-to-end solutions.

The Group focuses on four market segments: Consumer, Mobility, Industrial, Energy & Smart Building. Behind it is a 40-year history of constant research into the next “big thing”, into new technologies to improve people’s lives and work.

The present speaks of a rapidly expanding company that focuses on ideas, people and on a sustainable business model.

The future is full of opportunities to be taken, projects to be realised and new goals to be reached.

CONSUMER IOT: family security

The Consumer offering includes numerous services and products designed to make everyday life in the family safer and easier.

A new generation of devices, sensors and wearables that communicate via Bluetooth with smartphones and other devices. To protect children, but also the elderly or pets.

For the little ones, Digicom has created Tippy, a brand for child safety and comfort. Among its products, it counts the most well-known and best-selling anti-abandon device in Italy since 2017, but that’s not all.  From this year, Tippy safety also arrives at home with its new product Tippy Rail.

Company contacts:

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e-mail: Maurizio.mocchetti@B810group.it
ph.: +39 0522 510200