TO DO Talent Cardboard



Personalized gadgets: with cardboard become green (click to open)

From three-dimensional cardboard corporate merchandising to smaller objects such as surprises for chocolate eggs and inserts for magazines/books.

We make custom cardboard articles with the same philosophy as our toys to meet and satisfy all those realities that want to make a zero-impact gadget for the Planet and recognize the commitment to be greener, fairer, more sustainable.

TO DO Talent Cardboard:

TODO Talent Cardboard is the real world of toys made from cardboard, in pre-cut kits.

TODO toys are designed to be built without scissors and glue, produced completely in Italy, sticking to the initiative Supporting Disabled People and pursued the value of eco-sustainability

TODO cardboard games are also educational and didactic to stimulate creativity, imagination and socialization. All TODO cardboard toys are complete with watercolor palette.

King Union (Europe) S.r.l., the producer and developer of the TODO games, has always made ethics an essential professional value, providing a series of certifications to guarantee their professionalism, quality and care in the use of materials and respect for natural resources. All TODO products carry the CE mark in compliance with European safety standards. King Union (Europe) S.r.l. has obtained and maintains the following certifications: FSC® C107476, ISO:9001, SA8000, ISO:14001.

 TODO Made in Italy: make, colour, play!

TODO Talent Cardboard:

distributed by KING UNION (EUROPE) Srl
Via Liguria, 51 – 37060 Lugagnano di Sona (VR)

Company contacts:

Name: Barbara Baldi
ph.: +39 045 8621 147


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