Top Quality Group


Top Quality Group:

Top Quality Group was founded in 1996 as a Paper and Stationery Consortium. Over the years, the Group has become increasingly consolidated, strengthening its market power and expanding not only its customer base, but also its supplier partners, with whom it collaborates more and more closely in order to be able to bring novelty and quality to the branded product range every year.

In July 2011 it became, to all intents and purposes, a limited liability consortium. A necessary step not only for the Top Quality brand, now grown and consolidated, but also and above all to emphasise more fervently the solid bond of friendship, as well as work, that binds the 15 consortium members.

The year before this big step, the Group added to the Top Quality brand the COLOREASSORTITO brand, destined to become a new strength of the Consortium Company with a specific line of products inspired by the world of colour and intended for both the school and office worlds.

In 2016 Top Quality will be 20 years old.
And to celebrate this important date, the Group completely renews its corporate image by recreating a new logo and brand and investing heavily in repositioning the Group’s image, including through the creation of new Brands such as Task and Quadra and with the complete restyling of all products and institutional packaging

A solid and experienced Group that also looks to the future: with a history of experience and market knowledge, but also with a modern vision that translates into an important communication, marketing and capillary sales strategy. There will be no lack of important comarketing operations with leading companies in the stationery sector, but also with recognised leaders in other market segments such as food, telecommunications, electronics, etc.

Company contacts:

Name: Manuela Branco
tel: +39 089 3061211