Modelli Ugears:

UGEARS is the creator and manufacturer of exclusive self-propelled mechanical model kits and educational toys designed to be assembled without glue.

All UGEARS models are made of sustainably sourced wood and there is no need for batteries or any external power source as they are driven by rubber bands, gears, cranks and gravity.

Each kit includes everything needed for assembly. All assembly steps are described in detailed step-by-step colour instructions.

Each model embodies simple engineering principles that make assembly an exciting and educational game; an engaging and rewarding experience for adults and children alike.

We are very serious about the quality of our kits. In addition to meticulous product testing and quality control, we source plywood from responsible and sustainable sources. In addition, we invented and patented our own plywood joint design.

UGEARS is a startup founded in 2014 in Kiev, Ukraine. Today, almost seven years later, UGEARS offers more than 50 unique models of brilliant design.

Our mission is to delight people of all ages, bringing families and friends together as they build and share these wonderful mechanical models

Company contacts:

ph. & whatsapp: 366 52 96 411