Villa Giocattoli


Villa Giocattoli:

VILLA GIOCATTOLI is a company that has been operating on both the Italian and foreign markets for over fifty years, consolidating its position as one of the leading producers of toys such as table footballs, sports items, toy weapons, carnival articles and soap bubbles. One of the most successful factors is the professionalism and reliability of its employees.

VILLA GIOCATTOLI produces items that comply with the strictest European safety regulations; these products are manufactured using top-quality, non-toxic materials.

VILLA GIOCATTOLI is a versatile company, quick in its choices and attentive to the changes and demands of the global market. It works and satisfies customer needs in a punctual and attentive manner.

Products are designed and manufactured using its own in-house staff with the collaboration, where necessary, of external designers and consultants. The articles produced are marketed all over the world.

VILLA GIOCATTOLI is based in Sovico, about 15 km from Milan; it consists of two production units occupying a total covered area of about 6,000 square metres.

Company contacts:

Name: Elisabetta Villa