Designing winning ideas to respond to the needs of the market: this is Mibb Bebè’s primary mission.

Always a symbol of safety in the field of the products for early childhood, the well-known Italian brand MIBB Bebè, distributed by Aziamor, embraces new challenges and leads the way to innovation. As a result of the natural evolution of the brand, MIBB Bebè aims to design winning ideas to meet the needs of new generations of parents.

Our team is constantly engaged in creating projects, selecting new materials, trying to find the most innovative solutions closer to everyday needs, without forgetting the comfort, design and aesthetics of the product.

The safety of children is what we value the most. For this reason, we are constantly carrying out research into advanced technologies and innovative solutions to make every moment of their day peaceful and secure.

The key features of our products are safety, utility, design, functionality. It’s through our team’s commitment and dedication, united by an extraordinary passion put at the service of children and all mothers, that the wishes of adults and little ones are transformed into creative and design solutions that improve everyday life.

Company Contacts:

Name: Francesco Azzaro
Ph.: +393924467598