Babu - Bellini sponge


Babù – Bellini:

Bellini is the expression of a deep fascination for a beauty routine with ancient origins. Today we combine our experience with the desire to offer the best, we know how to select and transform what the sea naturally provides with passion and respect.

Why choose a Natural Mediterranean Sponge by Bellini?

  • Because it is a 100% natural product, with great absorbent power and long life.
  • Because it is hygienic: if correctly rinsed, it cleans itself thanks to the system of natural channels with which it is equipped and, unlike synthetic sponges, it does not retain traces of foam, soap or bacteria.
  • Because it is hypoallergenic: Bellini sea sponges are dermatologically tested and certified
  • Because it is ecological: Bellini sea sponges are natural, they are not produced through industrial processes and this means no pollution and no emissions.
  • Because our product is completely handmade in Italy, subjected to strict controls to guarantee excellent quality.
Company contacts

Name: Ivano Bellini
Tel.: 0375 88 227

Bellini spugne - Babù