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A great family business…
Bigjigs Toys® Ltd was founded in the UK 30 years ago. Thanks to the wealth of educational knowledge of its founders and the many skills of its team, the company has grown from being a small family business working out of a shed in the backyard to a company that now sells its products globally in over 110 different countries.
Bigjigs Toys® has always been true to its mission, which is to provide quality, safe, affordable and responsibly produced toys, i.e. with great care for the environment and workers. This is ensured by:

  • Designing the games in the UK
  • Use of high quality materials
  • Testing of each toy to meet EN71 and ASTM requirements
  • Use of child-safe paints and lacquers
  • Ethical production facilities, i.e. environmentally friendly and respecting workers’ rights
  • Testing to ensure the playful and educational value of each toy
  • Fair and ethical choice of external suppliers
    Bigjigs Toys® is proud to support its customers through:
  • A network of specialised agents who are distinguished by their knowledge and experience
  • Maximum availability and commitment to meeting customer requirements
  • Innovative product and packaging design
  • Personal account for each customer on its website
  • Continuity of supply and on-time delivery
  • Outstanding after-sales support and customer service
  •  Marketing support and branded advertising materials

As a company aware of its environmental responsibilities, Bigjigs is working towards traceability of FSC-labelled wood and its plan is to gradually move towards using FSC wood for all production of its branded toys by January 2025.
For more than 30 years, Bigjigs Toys have been awarded multiple prizes by independent juries around the world.

Company contacts:

Giochi Ecologici Snc
Tel: 0423 604935

  • Ivano Zambet:+39 338 4358895
  • Fabio Magro: +39 335 5416200
  • Ilenia Zambet  0423 604935
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