Dal Negro


Dal Negro

The company’s history began in 1928: in Treviso, entrepreneur Teodomiro Dal Negro bought the property of the playing card factory that had been present in the city since the 18th century.
Over the years, the company established itself as a market leader, proposing and developing its own cards until it took over two important brands: Masenghini and NTP.
The production of high quality packs of cards has allowed Dal Negro to be a point of reference for traditional markets and casino professionals.
To meet market needs, the company has also expanded its product range with card toys and games, suitable for children and adults of all ages.
Finally, the catalogue is enriched with the Exclusive line: traditional classic board games, including chess, chessboards, backgammon and roulette, made of wood and high-quality materials strictly Made in Italy. An authentic passion, handed down from generation to generation, able to unite young and old, grandparents and children.
Tradition, quality, sociability and fun, these are the core values of Dal Negro.

Company contacts:

Name: Paolo Lovo – Sales Manager
e-mail: p.lovo@dalnegro.com
tel: +39 333 629 2355

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