DV Games


DV Games:

daVinci Editrice is a board game publisher under the dV Games brand, founded in 2001. Following its first commercial achievements, it has forged rela;onships with a wide network of interna;onal partners, distribu;ng its games worldwide and gaining important awards in Italy and abroad. Since 2021 the company has acquired Ghenos S.r.l., greatly expanding its catalogue and becoming, thus, a publishing hub of reference for all market players.

Simplicity and originality are the basis of every dV Games crea;on, supported by high quality standards and highly interac;ve game dynamics. The catalogue ranges from games for kids to family and party games, from strategic games for everyone to experienced players games.

Our mission is to make board games a beloved pas;me for everyone, as an alterna;ve to other entertainments such as TV, pubs, discos and movies. We strongly believe that board games increasingly represent an essen; al tool of “being together,” spreading cheerfulness and lightheartedness to every family, party and group of friends

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