Sometimes big revolutions are born from small changes.

Turning this plastic world into a planet of Bioplastics is no longer a dream, but a reality. eKoala has chosen to make environmentally friendly and sustainable products made from non-toxic and 100% biodegradable raw materials. We believe that the time has come to start building a world for our children that is truly a wonderland. eKoala is constantly searching for unique and natural materials with which to make its products, ideal for all those who make the word responsibility the key to their purchases and who put the desire to leave a better world for the next generation before their choices.

The entire eKoala range has to pass the strictest laboratory tests guaranteeing the absence of toxic substances and certifying them 100% safe for our children.

Imagine that plastic objects that we normally only use for a short time remain in our natural environment for thousands of years, can disappear and biodegrade in a short time. This is the magic of bioplastics. Driven by the desire to build a sustainable model, both for the environment and for children’s health, and driven by the awareness of the real feasibility of this change, eKoala® works every day to design innovative products that can be a viable alternative to traditional plastic.

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Company contacts:

Name: Beatrice Radaelli
email: beatrice.radaelli@ekoala.eu
Tel.: +39 3398157544