Erbesi - Storie di bimbi felici


Erbesi – stories of happy children

For almost 60 years Erbesi has been designing long-lasting and safe children’s rooms for the youngest children, paying great attention to design and the tenderness of the decorations. Safe products that last over time, cute characters that accompany the little ones in their sweetest dreams. Products of quality and safety with an eye on technology thanks to products such as ELLY, the LED-illuminated cot that uses colour therapy to help the little ones relax before bedtime or entertain them with colour games. To the happiness of the little ones but also of the parents who are helped by these technological devices. For an elegant taste given by the silver foil decorations that sparkle in the nursery.

The Jack bedroom, on the other hand, brings the little ones closer to the world of puppies that increasingly fill the hearts of families with tender puppies in warm dove grey and grey colours, all combined with warm textile coordinates. All strictly MADE in ITALY. In addition to the top-quality products, ERBESI offers augmented reality on its website, which allows mothers to frame their own room with their mobile phone and enter the products and imagine how it will look with the colours of the walls and the overall dimensions. More opportunities to experiment before buying.

Hugs Factory
Where creativity grows.

Products in line with a northern European taste, practical, safe and sustainable. Sustainable because the products grow with the little ones and through small transformations accompany the lives of the little ones into adulthood. Products that reconvert by changing their uses such as the SMART changing table that becomes a play table and clothes hanger or learning tower. Comfortable mini cots for new homes with limited space that convert into juniors but also into adult beds. Adult furniture elements adapted to the baby world that are comfortable over time. All strictly MADE in ITALY.

Just put the new website on line where there is a lot of technical info and tender videos of the products.