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For 40 years, Italtrike has been producing tricycles, ride-ons, first steps, pedagogical bikes, scooters and skates in Italy.
Toys that stimulate the movement, curiosity and play of future generations.
A complete range of products both for families and for schools, kindergartens and playgrounds.

The payoff, Kids on wheels, perfectly sums up the mission: to put at the centre of every action and project the wellbeing and fun of all children, who are able to develop their psycho-physical qualities through play in movement.

A strong focus on Design, to create quality products that are safe, made to last and designed to minimise environmental impact, combining aesthetics with functionality and sustainability.

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Since 1983 we have focused on the movement, well-being and play of children all over the world.

We are an Italian company and for forty years we have been designing, engineering and manufacturing tricycles, ride-ons, pedagogical bikes, scooters and skates in Italy. Founded near Bassano del Grappa, today the company exports to 50 countries worldwide, offering a complete range of products both for families and for schools, kindergartens and playgrounds.

Our vocation is to respect and foster the motor development of future generations – from 10 months to 8 years – through toys that are fun, ergonomic, safe and respect the future of our young consumers.

Unceasing research and development work guides the constant growth of the Italtrike catalogue: each product is therefore the perfect synthesis of design, constructive innovation and quality materials.

Our payoff, Kids on wheels, perfectly sums up our mission: at the centre of every action and project is the wellbeing, fun and health of children, who are able to grow in a balanced way in their psycho-physical qualities through play in movement.

When we talk about children, we mean ALL children, which is why over the years we have designed and developed a range of products called -Zero Limits-, born from the idea that every child, without distinction, should have the opportunity to laugh and smile at the thrill of being on a tricycle.
Hence the birth of Zero, the multi-adaptable tricycle, Pilot Zero, the line of tricycles equipped with an IV stand, and Flurry, an interactive platform bike that stimulates different degrees of motor coordination and learning through educational games.


For several years, we have been pursuing a sustainability project to progressively reduce our environmental impact with the goal of becoming a Zero Emission company by 2030. A photovoltaic system allows us to minimise the use of fossil energy sources; we are constantly investing to create production processes that can reduce the impact on the environment and also in the field of products, our choice is to make solid toys that last over time, made from recycled and recyclable materials that respect the standards of international toy regulations.

In 2021 a new collaboration with ZeroCO2 Societ√† Benefit was born with a twofold purpose: the first is the desire and the will to create an “Italtrike forest” that can offset at least part of the carbon dioxide emissions due to the production of our tricycles and ride-on toys; the second is the calculation of the Company LCA for the year 2020, the year for us as a reference point for a long demanding path that will lead us to become a Climate Neutral company by 2030.


The focus on aesthetics and functionality has led us to collaborate with French designer Alain Pineau’s studio since the 1990s. In 1999, Alain Pineau designed Abc Trycicles, a model that was an international success and was exhibited at Moma in Los Angeles.

Numerous awards have followed in the toy world:

  • 2013 Kind+Jugend Innovation Award with the Express Stroller – an innovative model with 6 seats, ideal for kindergartens and schools;
  • 2016 TG Toys with the Zero tricycle – a special award for a vehicle designed for children with motor difficulties and designed to reduce to zero the elements that could impede play and movement;
  • 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022: For four years we were selected and published among the excellences of Italian design in ADI INDEX DESIGN: the Eolo tricycle (2018), the Ginetta ride-on (2019) the Roberto primipassi (2020), the Dino scooter (2022).
  • 2021: TG Toys with Flurry award for inclusiveness for revolutionary digital bike
  • 2022: TG Toys with Roberto the trolley selected for the Early Childhood Toys section; Pattini Gioca for social collaboration;
Company contacts:

Name: Simone Baggio
tel:+39 0423 946400
whatsapp: +39 338 6487941

Name: Federica Buratto
tel:+39 0423 946400


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