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Invisible, our new game, is now available. (click to open)

Invisible is a board game consisting of puzzles and five types of cards. It is designed to prevent situations of abuse and maltreatment.

What will this game enable you to do?

Help children between 4 and 7 years old to..:

Learn to say no when they don’t like something.
Learn to use words as a means of bonding with peers.
Knowing that no one can/must touch their genitals without their consent.
Learning not to keep secrets that make them uncomfortable, especially from adults.
Understand that they can ask for help and get help from a trusted adult if they feel uncomfortable with another adult.
Knowing that hitting, shaking, hair pulling, shouting and insulting are not acceptable and not a good way to bond.
Become a subject in their own right, i.e. with a voice and a mind of their own.


In Ludus is a small publishing company based in Argentina that develops educational games for children as well as teenagers. It is born to satisfy the need for educational and playfull tools and address the issue of sexual education.

Our games aim to go alongside the participants´ growth in the context of their family or school. They open questions, making the learning process significant and memorable.

Our games deal with subjects like gender, menstruation, violence and eventually human rights.

A game can simplify any difficult topic.

Company contacts:

Tel.: +54 11 54607950


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