Mi Arte Productions


Mi Arte Productions:

Mi Arte (Italian: La Mia Arte) Productions, LLC, was founded as a Californian company in mid-2022. Its CEO is Lucy Acevedo Gest and Mi Arte is based in Santa Monica, California. Mi Arte is in the business of creating and manufacturing educational, fun and enjoyable card games that promote ‘beautiful cultures’ and world languages. Ms Gest is also the creative designer and creator of these creations. Her wish is that by playing and learning the contents of her games, she can promote intercultural understanding, peace and friendship between people all over the world.

So far, she has produced games for the following cultures: Italian, American and is rapidly finishing up the French one. It is determined to translate all three into four languages. The Italian one already exists in: Italian, English, Spanish and French. But she does not intend to stop here, she has plans for other cultures as well, because she appreciates what makes us different and what makes us the same. She has personal experience in this sense given her Mexican-American heritage that has allowed her to interact with so many international cultures.

Mi Arte Production