Plush Company


Plush Company

The company was founded in the year 2000 by its founders, both of whom had previously gained extensive experience in marketing and product development.

From the outset, the aim was to create a medium/high-level line with an unrivalled quality/price ratio.

Design, attention to detail, selected fabrics and the use of skilful craftsmanship have led Plush & Company to the recognition of the Toy Market Specialists.

Quality and safety are two prerequisites that we control from the creation of the sample to the production, which takes place in certified Far East companies under the control of qualified management. The products comply with and are manufactured according to European directives and the highest quality standards.

Uniformity of quality, breadth of assortment, product availability and innovation have made Plush & Company a reference company in the soft toy sector not only in Italy.

Company contacts

Fabrizio Bortolini
tel: +39 0143-325210