Rocco Giocattoli


Wide approval for the board games

Since more than 60 years ago Rocco Giocattoli keeps on entertaining generations of kids in the funniest moments of the day, constantly updating the large catalogue which addresses all age ranges. Research focuses on innovative products for children and kids, paying special attention to safety and high quality, which have always been mainstays of the historic Italian distributing company.
Last year Rocco Giocattoli stood out most of all for the wide approval obtained by two of its board game lines, as Marco D’Alessandris, managing director, explains: “On the one hand, the Giocorò line developed for children, which counts 8 games in the 2022 Top 150 Items of the Games & Puzzles category (source: NPD Italy). Among the evergreens there are Acchiappa la polpetta, Pirata Pop Up, Occhio alla nonna, Chrono Bomb Sfida al Buio; furthermore, I must mention more recent products like E Se Fossi?, and new ones like Tira la Cacca that, introduced before Christmas, reached the charts in just two months. On the other hand, the YAS!Games line addresses the 18+ age range but includes some products for the 12+ target too. The brand offers party games that guarantee fun with irony and a little cynicism: it deals with different subjects in an irreverent way but always with a light approach and covers a new, constantly growing market segment, the kidults. Among teenagers and adults, in fact, there is an ever-increasing necessity to spend moments of light-heartedness and socializing while sitting at a table and enjoying board games. With its 18 available products, the line has grown remarkably. Among the bestsellers, What Do You Meme? reached No. 2 in the 2022 25 Top Items of the Adult Games subcategory and No. 10 in the 2022 Top 150 Items of the Games & Puzzles category, growing by +250,3% as compared with the previous year (source: NPD Italy).”

Rocco Giocattoli:

Rocco Giocattoli, founded in 1962 by Rocco D’Alessandris and currently managed by Marco and Dino D’Alessandris, is a historical reality in the Italian toy market. It started out as a wholesale distributor of many exclusive lines of games and toys, and in about thirty years its growth has been exponential, so much so that it has conquered a relevant position in the toy scene in Italy. Since 1993, then, the company started a diversification programme, also dedicating itself to retail, which today accounts for around 40% of turnover. Today, the company has 14 company-owned shops located in Rome and Lazio, as well as more than 200 customised corners inside the shops of the Coin, Upim and OVS groups throughout Italy. Inside numerous shops, there are also corners for fashionable children’s clothing from the Blukids line.

For some years now, therefore, Rocco Giocattoli has been divided into four different business units. The main one consists of Rocco Distribuzione, which, thanks to a network of commercial agents, exclusively distributes products and lines of major international brands throughout Italy; Rocco Retail, a network of points of sale managed by the company; Shop in Shop, corners inside the stores of the Coin and Upim groups and OVS; E-commerce, to respond to an increasingly competitive and digital-oriented market, keeping up with the trends and needs of the new generations, bringing with it an intense process of digital transformation in constant evolution.

Company contacts:
Cristiano Cecati – (Buyer)
Fabio Massimo Oddone – (Buyer)
Federico Stefanelli – (Sales Manager)
Simona Scravaglieri – (Marketing Manager)