Sabbiarelli – Sand-it for fun  is an Italian company that since 2012 develops and produces sand painting creative toys using marble sand from Carrara. Sabbiarelli is present in Italy in over 500 stores with a catalog full of products dedicated to sand painting. Our products are 100% made in Italy and addressed to kids age 3-12. Our strengths are that we’ve made sandpainting easy and accessible to toddlers too.

The peculiarity of Sabbiarelli is the marble sand (Carrara White Marble) that we use and that makes all the pictures super shining and sparkling. In addition, the special dosing pens allow you to use only the sand you need, without unnecessary waste. The cap of the pens can be removed and used as a funnel for refilling the pen when the sand is exhausted. These pens work in combination with adhesive pre-printed pictures, available in different sizes and with hundreds of different subjects.

The toy can be found in boxes that include everything (colored sand pens and themed pictures), or you can buy separately just the pictures or just the colors.

The modularity of the elements that characterize our toy is the key of potentially infinite fun: when you run out of sand in the pens, you can in fact reload them with the appropriate refills; if instead you have colored all the pictures and still have some sand left, you can buy new albums with different  subjects.

Company contacts:

Stefania Vallenari: Sales and Export
tel.: +39 045 8500068