Tatanatura was born with Serena’s son. From that moment on, she no longer settles for cheap and fashionable purchases, but seeks quality guarantees for her son and starts paying attention to the origin of the products and their composition.

Researching and buying safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly baby products becomes a tremendous effort and an almost impossible task.
Serena is in fact forced to buy online and among the many sites she visits she comes across what would become the Tatanatura brands: Pura baby bottles, Oli&Carol toys, Wooly Organic clothes and toys and many others.

Tatanatura was born from a personal experience and need that represent a bit those of every mother: safeguarding the safety of their children and their health.

Contatti aziendali:

Serena Bartolomei
e-mail: commerciale@tatanatura.com
tel.: +39 0721 892195
cell: +39 349 4105613

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