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Trudi – Sevi
From heart to heart.
A fairy tale that grows with you. Since 1954.
Soft toys, dolls, wooden toys
With an international presence, with the brands Trudi and Sevi, Trudi keeps unchanged over time the values of quality, safety, innovation, design and affection that for over 65 years have been the fundamental and indispensable characteristics of its collections. Trudi’s history is the history of a world of emotions. Creative development, research and quality are at the heart of all Trudi’s creations and awaken in the consumer that wonder that is the soul of children, which has always been at the centre of the mission of the Friulian brand. There is in fact a special bond between Trudi’s products and the consumer, a special emotional affection that comes from the heart and is based on reliability.
Playing is a “very serious job”, Trudi and Sevi know this.
For this reason, they have always worked to transmit emotions and feelings through their products, putting quality and safety at the service of emotions in compliance with ethical values that protect children, preserve their safety and their right to be children.
Today Trudi is present in the best multi-brand shops, in the shops specialised in the infant and early childhood sector, in kids’ clothing shops, in the malls of shopping centres, in the main department stores worldwide.

Trudi S.p.a
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