Over 30 years of success for a publishing house that, over the years, has made its vocation for children’s books its distinctive mark. Edicart was founded in 1986 by Ezio Cagnola, the company’s founder, who has been supported for years by his children Luigi and Annamaria.

Today, Edicart is considered one of the leading publishers of children’s and young people’s books in Italy in more than 5,000 shops: bookshops, stationery and stationery shops, toy shops, large-scale retail trade and COIN shops.

Since 2010, children’s books have been joined over time by a series of highly successful so-called non-book products aimed at a wider audience.

In the early years, children also learn about colours, words, shapes, animals, nature and the world through books.

The children’s book is nowadays considered a valid alternative to a ‘game’: it has an important cultural value, is cheap, has a longer life cycle than a toy and is also ‘ecologically’ sound.

Company contacts:

Name: Mario Malvestio
e-mail: m.malvestio@edicart.it
tel.: +39 0331 742936

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