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Ama Gioconaturalmente

The company Ama Srl was established with the idea of distributing on the Italian territory high-quality products and educational, natural and ecological toys aimed at toddlers and children. We do know safety is parents’ highest priority during the child’s growth and development.

Our mission is to provide safe, green toys that help children in learning cognitive skills as well as to develop physical and emotional development.

We are perfectly aware that children learn, through play, about the world around them. Foundations are laid in the first years of life, which have a permanent impact on children’s longer term development.

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Our mission

Our mission is the distribution on the Italian market of high quality products destined to toddlers and children. We aim to find responsible, green companies that offer innovative, eco-friendly products made from certified raw materials such as organic cotton, wood from certified forests, rubber, recycled paper and cardboard. The products must be tested for compliance with the CE safety standards. The production sites and manufacturers must apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace and be eco-friendly.

It becomes very important to us to offer products made with love and care, to help children have a play experience in which they actively play using their own imagination and experiences. With the ever expanding influence of electronic games, children are spending too much time being passively entertained by electronic devices.

The educational toys distributed by our company provide the right environment to meet the children needs and teach them to use their imagination, pick up new ideas, be creative. Our toys are healthy and safe: they are made from organic materials, do not contain chemicals and are BPA, phthalate, petrol free.

Ama Srl – gioco natura L mente (play naturally using your mind) is constantly looking for new brands offering high quality products, to let live parents and children a fantastic, safe, creative play experience. We are confident our mission will contribute in making a better future for our children and the generations to come.

Our partners 

The brands we represent will ever be a reliable support for you and your children from birth to childhood and beyond.

  • Candylab
  • Franck&Fischer
  • Hoppstar
  • Kidywolf
  • Maison Petit Jour
  • Manhattan Toy
  • Moluk
  • Mr&Mrs Tin
  • Petit Jour Paris
  • PlanToys
  • Play&Go
  • Poppik
  • Quut
  • Scoot&Ride
  • Snails
  • Trixie
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tel: 0508051722

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Paola Noè
cell. 347 7309102

Chiara Paleari
cell. 339 8251574