Baby Love 2000


Baby Love 2000:

BABY LOVE 2000 is an Italian Company, specialized in the import, marketing and distribution of baby and child products. The Company has been active in the baby and toddler products market for 25 years, through which it has gained in experience and reputation, establishing itself as market leader and exclusive distributor of world leading brands.

In recent years, BABY LOVE 2000 has expanded its offer with items aimed at an impulse sale in the wider sector of the Child (First Books, Backpacks for nursery schools, Ride-on Suitcases for the first trips, Toys in Cork and in Wood, Outdoor Games), for an innovative proposal dedicated to Toys and Early Childhood stores, as well as to stationeries, bookshops and Concept Stores.

All products are innovative items with exclusive and unique functionalities, which respond to the latest and most up-to-date market trends, such as natural, ecological, sustainable products, oriented to the educational trend.

The same attention to product research is aimed at the proposal of display materials dedicated to the point of sale, including eye-catching floor and counter displays, to refresh and relaunch the proposal in the store, ready for the next and stable resumption of physical commerce.