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I'm Beberoyal and you?

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The Beberoyal Consortium is the union of the best baby product shops in Italy.

Beberoyal was born in 2005, from the need of many independent shops that joined together on the basis of shared values: quality, service, excellence.

At the beginning we were about ten shops in all. We shared the same enthusiasm for running our businesses, but also the difficulties we faced. We were afraid of being crushed by large groups, which were always evolving and changing.

However, over time we realised how deep-rooted our activities were, often handed down from family to family, and how strong our business model was, not based on large numbers but on attention to people.

Joining forces came naturally: today we have more than 75 points of sale and are unique in Italy.

What distinguishes us today is precisely our ability to see beyond profit, to offer people the best product based on their needs: to do this consultancy work we undertake to study, update and choose with great care the products to display in the shops. We act as a filter for you!

The Beberoyal Consortium has become the largest reference point for light and heavy baby care in Italy.
This has been a long and rigorous process. We have never allowed ourselves to be tempted by price politics, but have always remained steadfast by choosing the values of quality and safety, relying only on partners of the highest level.

This approach has sometimes entailed economic sacrifices but has proved successful over time: the Consortium has in fact established itself for its quality.

Families who choose us know that in our shops they will find a very high level of service, all the attention they deserve and an offer tailored to their needs.

Mothers know that they will find continuous and reliable assistance long after the purchase. It’s no coincidence that in our shops we often organise pre- and post-pregnancy meetings, first aid and airway obstruction courses, pre-birth courses and breastfeeding courses.

All Beberoyal points of sale select and offer only those products for babies and mothers that meet the strictest quality requirements: when choosing products we take into account the usefulness of the products, the degree of innovationdesignfunctionalitysafety and reliability.

We believe that products should not only be beautiful, but should also improve the lives of families by meeting real needs.

Our partners are an absolute guarantee in this area.


In our shops, we offer the latest in heavy childcare (bedrooms, pushchairs, prams, car seats) and light childcare (feeding bottles, dummies), clothing, toys and products for baby hygiene and skin care during pregnancy.

All products are also available on our e-commerce site.

Over the years, we have also launched a number of exclusive collections created by our partners specifically for our Group.

Mothers recognise us as a synonym for quality and service: when new partnerships are requested, the selection criteria are very scrupulous, in accordance with our values, to keep the level of Beberoyal always very high.

The choices we have made over the years in the area of communication have given us great satisfaction: through our media, mothers and fathers have received high-level information on the products, with technical details on the specifications of use that are very useful in everyday life, but also useful news and interesting trivia to enrich the start of their new adventure as parents.

We choose only the best market players, who create products that stand out for innovation, design and safety. In our sales outlets you can also find suppliers who, operating selective distribution, choose our group precisely because it is in line with their high standards of value.

Our partners include the best baby product companies: Chicco, Inglesina, Peg Perego, MAM, Suavinex, Cybex and many others.

In order to become a member, it is necessary to comply with the requirements that distinguish the Consortium: to be reliable points of sale, attentive to the Customer and to service. Joining the Group is completely free of charge for the point of sale that joins and which immediately benefits from all the visibility that our digital and traditional media offer their members.

The selection of new members is shared with our partners to ensure that we meet the high standards we have set ourselves, and which we have never failed to meet.

Every month we receive new membership applications that we assess carefully: new members must not penalise our long-standing members in terms of geographical proximity and, above all, they must share our philosophy.