Borella - L'Orsomago


Borella – l’Orsomago:

Borella s.r.l. – l’Orsomago is a reality of people who live and have always lived with toys.

Borella s.r.l has been operating as an exclusive distributor on the Italian toy market since 1997, although the name Borella has been linked to the world of toys since the 1970s. Today it continues its traditional selection of quality products and brands, ranging across different product sectors.

The company has always been characterised by the offer of quality brands and products, generally intended for specialised retailers.

Among the main brands distributed are:

Sigikid presents the new Yellow and Kikeriki lines

Yellow is designed for very early childhood. Soft toys, rattles, merry-go-rounds, music boxes, bowling and lots of fun in this colourful line that will intrigue children. Each product has different types of fabric that will stimulate the little ones’ touch. Definitely a further Plus for the historic German brand.

Kikeriki are soft toys with an eccentric, extrovert and colourful design. Birds, roosters and hens with funny faces, big eyes and distinctive, soft plumage. The contrasting, elegant colours and different types of fabric make them a top line for 2023. Adults will surely like them too!

Cubic Fun: "Houston, we have news!"

This year Cubic Fun has introduced three new ‘space’ constructions. Elegantly packaged, Nasa-branded models that will thrill kids and adults alike: The Space Shuttle, Apollo 11 with the Lunar Landing and the Apollo Saturn V rocket, a full 81.5 cm high!

For all the novelties, browse the 2023 catalogue

Collecta: from prehistoric giants to the present day

It is undoubtedly one of the world’s largest manufacturers of miniature animals! Top quality products in both sculpture and painting. Collecta presents a very wide selection of novelties every year: Dinosaurs, Horses, Wild and Farm Animals, Reptiles and much more! We have chosen for you, in the image below, some of the many news you will find in the 2023 catalogue.

Lilliputiens: lots of elegance, colour and creativity from Belgium

Numerous lines inspired by its characters and many colours for a historic brand of early childhood toys. A mix of wood and plush that fascinates children. In the pictures below we show you just some of the many news items you will find in the 2023 catalogue.

Great Pretenders: disguises and accessories of the highest quality

You don’t necessarily have to dress up only at Carnival or Halloween! With Great Pretenders, every day is an opportunity to have fun acting or simply imitating your imaginary character! This year, in addition to costumes for dressing up…Great Pretenders is launching a brand new line of swimming costumes! You can admire them in the image below. For all Great Pretenders products here is the 2023 catalogue.

Vilac: lacquered wood for unique and durable creations

From France, a brand that is making history in wooden toys. Unique creations, aesthetics and packaging for products that fascinate even adults. Among the many novelties on offer is the New Wooden Pinball which you can admire by clicking the image below, together with other news. For all the news here is the link to the 2023 catalogue.

Hama: a new display concept

In addition to the numerous new products in the MIDI, MINI and MAXI lines, this year ORIGINAL ironing beads offer a metal floor display, which can be rotated (with a wheel stop) and is easy to assemble. The included hooks and product display guidelines leave nothing to chance. Click on the image below to admire it.