Fireworks: safety first!

U. Borgonovo, a company based at Inzago near Milan, offers a wide range of professional and consumer fireworks, besides a line specifically designed for parties. All items are CE certified and designed to ensure high safety standards, greater respect for the environment and low sound levels.
In 2023 the company celebrates its first 40 years”, says Maurizio Borgonovo, Managing Partner. “Ours is one of the largest warehouses of pyrotechnic articles in Europe. Design, production and distribution chain, including the certification process for the EC type marking, are totally handled by us. During the summer we mainly cater to professionals while consumers employ our products on New Year’s Eve, typically. In the last few years restrictions concerning the use of fireworks have been adopted in some Italian towns but the present approach of the local authorities seemingly focuses on regulating it according to the social situation”.

Product safety is a priority objective for the company: “A firework’s safety depends on the correct implementation of the process for the EC type marking but equally important is the corporate policy based on sourcing high quality products in order to guarantee their efficiency, reliability, attractive outcome and care for the environment as well”, observes Borgonovo. “Lately, our foreign partners and customers are becoming increasingly important: Spain is the leading country but we operate in Belgium, Greece, Slovenia and Switzerland too”.

U. Borgonovo

Borgonovo is a company that has been at the forefront of the pyrotechnics market since 1975.

It produces, imports and markets professional and consumer fireworks to retailers and companies in the sector.

Borgonovo has always devoted great energy to the issue of safety, awareness and education on the respectful and responsible use of fireworks.

Borgonovo CE fireworks are manufactured in compliance with European Standards for pyrotechnic articles and are designed to guarantee high safety requirements, greater respect for the environment and limited noise levels for the wellbeing of people and animals.

The entire supply chain is followed directly by Borgonovo®: from design to quality tests on production batches.

Our well-equipped warehouses and qualified personnel are ready to receive the best pyrotechnic articles, while in the offices a specific sector deals with contacts with the authorities to guarantee the safety, even legislative, of the material we handle.

Only in this way can fireworks be a splendid and exciting moment of your celebrations and continue to give you ever more beautiful, indeed magnificent, spectacles!

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