Carnaval Queen


Carnaval Queen

Born from the idea and extravagance of Mrs. Macchi Annamaria, Carnaval Queen began its business in 1986 as a very small artisan company specializing in the production of original carnival costumes for adults. Six months after its birth, Mrs. Annamaria sells the business to her brother Fausto. In the early nineties, the new dynamics of the market were understood and it was decided to include in the production range also lines of products for children and with a low target price compared to the offer of the time. Within a few years the company experienced significant growth and the area of ​​interest of the products marketed by Carnaval Queen passed from local to national. The opening of East Asian markets makes it necessary to revisit company policies and in 2003 a new commercial project called “Fancy Magic” is born. It is a new line of products with high quality content. It was decided to abandon the marketing of products with a lower economic content, whose production for other brands will be followed in any case. Styling, sampling and modeling have always remained within our company, leaving mere executive activities outside. Our productions comply with the general regulations on product safety and in particular on the safety of playful products intended for children under the age of 14. Whoever buys one of our products has the certainty of receiving a well-made, well-modeled and safe product from a regulatory point of view.

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Fausto Macchi
Tel.: 0331775080

Carnaval Queen - Fancy Magic