Founded in 1938, Dulcop has become the largest manufacturer of soap bubbles in Europe thanks in part to its innovative automated systems, which allows for one of the highest production capacities in the world.

Dulcop is known for its iconic bottle which is a registered 3D trademark, and the maze game on the cap that was invented by Dulcop and has since become a distinctive and loved feature in the world of soap bubbles. Since 2019, the company has been marketing its products under the new BUBBLE WORLD brand, featuring a simple and colorful layout, immediately recognizable by the end consumer.

Dulcop has the widest bubble selection available on the market with more than 300 different products with licensed items, proprietary or customized graphics, depending on the customer’s needs. Dulcop’s soap bubbles and bubble toys are distributed in over 50 countries worldwide.

The company’s strength also lies in its diligent attention towards the quality and safety of the production process, to offer the market only premium soap bubbles, certified as hypoallergenic, gluten and kathon-free. Significant time, money, and resources are also being used to research natural ingredients for the bubble solution, reduce the consumption of plastic and packaging material, move towards circular production processes.

Company contacts:

Referente: Fabrizio Frisoni – Sales Manager
email: commerciale@dulcop.com
tel: 051 6250711