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Gate on Games:

GateOnGames is an Italian game studio, based in Lucca, founded in 2014 and specialised in the creation of Board, Card, Role-playing Games and Game Books. “Our goal is to discover talented authors, help them in the development of their game and, in collaboration with the best professionals in the field, put on the Italian and international market a product of excellence. ” Mario Cortese, GateOnGames CEOEach game is carefully followed, from the author’s original idea to the development of the mechanics, from the conception of the setting to the choice of the best quality components.The internal team is made up of illustrators, graphic designers, game designers, mathematicians and writers capable of transforming a great idea into a compelling and unique game.

Company contacts:

Mario Cortese
Tel: +39 3333247369

Stefano De Blasi
Tel: +39 3274775978