Il Pianeta delle Idee


Il pianeta delle idee:

“Il Pianeta delle Idee” turns 30!

We are a workshop specialized in the production of wooden toys.

Since 1993 in Umbria we think, design and produce our products only with solar energy, certified woods and non-toxic paints.

We are a CO2 free company, we observe nature and the world with the naive and curious gaze of children and with the awareness of those who want to play an active role in protecting the environment.

We hope with our products to give our children the opportunity to build moments of serenity and joy, delivering games that open up spaces for imagination and creativity.

100% Eco-friendly

100% Made in Italy

100% Solar Energy

Company contacts

Account Manager: Alessandro Pacini
Tel.: +39 320 431 7327

AD: Stefano Santarelli
Tel.: +39 335 562 0115


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