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The year 2023 for IMC TOYS will start from the critical points of the year just ended, with a thorough restyling of our offer in order to be more competitive while maintaining a level of appeal as a top player in the categories in which we are present.

We will therefore renew many of our brands to make them more appealing to our consumers: for example, with price repositionings that will affect our main line, Cry Babies, as well as its collectible version, Cry Babies Magic Tears, and also Bloopies, the unique baby dolls for bath time. In addition, we will extend some brands, either by introducing new products in lower and more accessible price points, or in new categories with different and complementary targets. This will be the case with Cry Babies and Vip Pets.

Finally, we will make product ‘adjustments’ always aimed at meeting consumer needs, as in the case of Cry Babies Magic Tears, which will no longer be blind, thus allowing the buyer to choose the desired character.

But 2023 is also the year when IMC will turn its gaze to men, with new lines designed for tomboys, finally entering a segment still rather unknown to the company.

Going into a little more detail, for the more typically feminine lines, among the most important novelties will be the launch of a new line of Fashion Dolls under the VIP PETS brand from June 2023, the VIP GIRLS: 5 new fashionable dolls, with very long and colourful hair, super fashionable accessories and special hair accessories, like the little dogs that have made the brand famous in Italy, taking it to the top of the collectible dolls.

As far as established brands are concerned, for FALL 2023 we will launch the new CRY BABIES STARS dolls, again linked to the new space theme of the animated series that has always accompanied the development of the brand, with an innovative function and a lower price point than the previous year. Likewise, again for FALL 23, we will have 3 new lines in their collectable Cry Babies Magic Tears version, all space-themed and with open packaging that will allow children to choose their favourite.

And for the BFFs, the fashion dolls that climbed the category ranking 2nd with only six months of sales in 2022, we will have two new series in 2023 with 12 new collectible characters, always super fashionable and trendy and new products at different price points: LADY WITH HER MOTORCYCLE and DREAMY WITH UNICORNO.

All the IMC TOYS novelties for 2023 will, as always, be supported by important marketing plans in the IMC style: lots of TV and many digital, social and influencer campaigns, aimed at supporting the launches and reaching the target in the most varied and widespread ways; new animated series to build a compelling brand storytelling, aired both on TV and on Kitoons, the company’s YouTube channel, now also an OTT platform, with very interesting numbers; events and fairs, to bring the brands into contact with customers and, above all, with children.

IMC LAUNCHES INTO MALE (click to open)

IMC, a well-established company in the toy world and a leader in the main female categories for many years, is finally turning its gaze to the other half of the market in 2023: the male half, with new lines designed for tomboys, finally entering a segment that is still rather unknown to the company.

First of all, in March 2023 IMC launches a major launch for the company, supported by an ambitious and comprehensive marketing campaign: METAZELLS, a fun and modern collectible line set in METAVERSO.

The METAZELLS are more than 80 collectible characters who live exciting adventures, led by BONE, a young boy who is catapulted by a game into a virtual fantasy world, Zelltia, where he will play, fight and experience a thousand adventures with Wrockers and Woodies, two enemy peoples, in search of the precious energy Zells. Children will be able to follow the adventures on TV and on the Kitoons Heroes youtube channel on air as early as February 2023, but they will also be able to play Metazells in the first person with the video game on Roblox.

Series 1 of the line will be available in toy shops and newsstands and supported by a strong TV and digital campaign, along with an articulated plan of influencer and social activities, sampling and events.

Later in the year, leading up to summer 2023, we will have the Bloopies Bath Squad, 3 super handsome and powerful dinosaurs with new play features for super fun bath time! They spray water from their mouths to defeat a mischievous little octopus that threatens the little ones’ bath. Available from June in toy shops, supported by TV, digital and social activities.

Also starting in the second half of the year are the DINOBYTES, fierce dinosaurs that fight to win. There are more than 4 different dinosaurs to collect in the basic pack. For Christmas 23rd then, there will be 2 Deluxe models and a beautiful Fighting Arena, with 2 exclusive dinosaurs included. Again, a comprehensive TV and digital plan, plus social activities, will accompany the launch of the new products.

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IMC Toys:

Since 1981, IMC Toys has developed an internationally renowned reputation for creating high quality, beautifully designed toys at a competitive price. The IMC catalog includes a wide range of well-known brands by now, such as Cry Babies Magic Tears and Cry Babies, the best-selling doll in the European and US markets. Over the years IMC has added new successful brands such as VIP Pets and BLOOPIES or the recent brand of Fashion Dolls BFF- the grown up and teenager version of the Cry Babies Magic Tears – who have reached the second position in the category in 2022 with only 6 months of sales. And for 2023, IMC opens up to the boy segment for greater growth.

IMC Toy brands are supported by the Kitoons YouTube channel. Offered in over 20 different languages, Kitoons has gained popularity, reaching over 6.5 billion views, over 8.4 million subscribers, over 880 million watch hours and over 70 million unique users globally. Episode by episode, the exciting adventures of children’s favorite characters are told – the Cry Babies Magic Tears, the BFFs, the VIP Pets – grappling with small daily problems that they solve thanks to friendship, commitment and teamwork, thus teaching the little ones important lessons and values.

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Name: Luca Di Puorto – Marketing Manager

Name: Chiara Mariano – Marketing Specialist


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