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Kinibà is the child, it is the family, it is the home, it is the environment that surrounds us …

We, at Kinibà, are inspired by the contemporary style and design that comes from every corner of the world, traditional, comfortable, innovative and sustainable. We are lovers of creativity and we are attracted to brands that have a story to tell, which stand out for their uniqueness and for products that are functional to the well-being of the whole family.

We have the ambition to bring together different styles and cultures, through products and habits of use, because existence is an experience to be lived with passion and each product is to be savored to create indelible memories.

We defend the selectivity of our choices, we love to discover, amaze ourselves and amaze you.

Kinibà is childcare, safety and well-being, accessories and fashion, play, furnishing accessories for kids bedroom as well the whole home…

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Marketing Kinibà & BeSafe Italy:
ph. +39 0396362068
mob: +39 3317586436